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As of 2013, we are the largest Fiero club in Canada.

Situated in the BC lower mainland our club enjoys a mild climate. As a result, we try to hold outings throughout the year. Club events, how-to support, locate cars or parts discounts with local retailer, Club Meetings locations and times are announced in the meetings forum, check that out here.

Our Latest Meeting Wrapup Letter Recent Posts to our Forum
From Glenn:

February 14, 2015

Meeting started a bit late this time, as we were all
enjoying conversation, but never the less did start about
7:40pm. Meeting opened with a Happy Valentines Day to all
attending. A brief intro was made, following with the
financial report. Attending members were Dave, Lisa and
Arianna, Maureen, Harrison, Jim, Daniel V, John C, Tony,
and Glenn.
This was a short meeting discussing a membership drive,
upcoming events, a new discount supplier, membership
cards and security features for those cards. It was
brought to the floor’s attention that this years Show &
Shine would be June 14th. (location not known at this
time of writing). It is clear that everyone is chomping
at the bit to get the cars back on the road. This winter
has been un-usually mild, and not as rainy as usual,
which brings out that sports car desire to once again hit
the road in our ever so fun loving Fiero. This year we
will have the pleasure of having John Carlo on more runs
as he has just completed the purchase of a beautiful
burgundy 88 Formula out of the Seattle area. Johns’
excitement was evident in the meeting, as well as on his
blog/thread under (RBS-in limbo) Congratulations John!!!
We are anxiously anticipating an exciting season looking
forward to Arlington (Jet City Fieros), Richland
Washngton for Fierofest, P.P.P.C.C. all Pontiac Show,
Group Runs and Picnic BBQ. For those who have considered
attending, but have had past regrets about clubs in
general, I urge you to come out and see what you are
missing. I believe you won’t be disappointed.
Many thanks to Bob at Alder Auto Parts for their support
to club members. 3 locations, Cloverdale, Port Kells/
Surrey, and Aldergrove. On a personal note I have dealt
with Alder Auto in Port Kells for over 15 years, and I
find their prices, knowledge, and supply time to be
outstanding. Though I only know a few people there,
Shawn, Barry, and Deb, they are always friendly, with
customer service focussed as number 1. Please support
them as they do, for us.    Fiero - We Drive Excitement!
Please remember Dues are due by March meeting.

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May 14 & 15 car Show & Shine
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A&W Cruise Nights for Cancer
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Gold SE
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posted on: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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